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Safety Division

  • Carry out inspection and examination of industrial Plants and equipment in workplaces;
  • Approval of architectural Plans for new workplaces and alteration of existing workplaces;
  • Participation in the development of Safety Standards under the Standards Act.
  • Develop and ensure the implementation of standards for machinery safety, Plant,
    equipment, electrical installations together with those of building operations and works of
    engineering construction.
  • Advise employers and employees on ergonomic standards for all work places;
  • Analysis of accidents related to machinery equipment and processes for purposes of
    developing intervention measures.

Occupational Hygiene Division

  • Monitor, evaluate and recommend standards for the control of harmful agents in the work
  • Recommend threshold limit values and occupational exposure limits on harmful substances
    in the workplace.
  • Advise employers and employees on control of occupational hazards at the workplace.
  • To test the efficiency and effectiveness of personal protective equipment and prescribe
    specific standards for specific processes.
  • To evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the design and installation of engineering
    control measures with regard to occupational hazards for compliance with established
    standard practices.

Occupational Health Division

  • To carry out medical inspections of workers to determine the effect of the work
    environment on their health;
  • To conduct epidemiological surveillance of occupational diseases in the working
  • To re-evaluate decisions on cases of occupational diseases and occupational accidents for
    compensation under Work Injury Benefits Act.
  • To formulate systems and policies to integrate occupational health services into national
    health care system.
  • The Work Injury Benefits Administration Division.
  • Processing of work injury benefits for all workers including civil servants who are injured
    while on duty.
  • Collect, collate and analyse data on accidents, diseases and dangerous occurrences at workplace.
  • Provide professional guidance in the investigations / Inquiry of work injury benefit claims which require further investigation.

Occupational Safety and Health Institute

  • To develop training programmes and conduct occupational Safety and Health Training.
  • To conduct occupational and coordinate research and surveys on occupational safety and
    health issues.
  • Training and sensitization of employers and employees in the field of occupational safety
    and health and work injury benefits compensation procedures.
  • Carrying out surveys and research on work related injury and work injury compensation
  • Administration, Training and Information Division.
  • Overall coordination of the implementation of the Strategic Plan 2013-2017 and the
    departmental work plans.
  • Co-ordinate the development and dissemination of safety and health information
  • Administer of the Occupational Safety and Health Fund.
  • Carry out training needs assessment, develop and co-ordinate training and welfare,
    programmes for staff in the Directorate.

The Field Services Division

  • Inspect workplaces on occupational safety and health standards in accordance with OSHA,
  • Carry out hygiene surveys in workplaces to determine and control their Indoor Air Quality
    and/or Noise levels;
  • Conduct investigations of occupational injuries occurring in all work places;
  • Conduct training programmes in safety and health of employees.
  • Conduct legal proceedings against non- complying occupiers.
  • Monitor the activities of DOSHS approved persons and institutions.

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